nedeľa 8. júna 2014

flesh & bones

story is just the skin. R. Wilson
what are then the flesh and bones?

fishermen wake up with the sun

to throw their smudged traps

waiting for

a good catch, sunken treasures, sea beasts

eyes resting on the horizon

arms ready to show their strength

minds set to do logistics

magic of the expectation makes their job

quiet persistence againts deep waters

faith in barely visible


under my freckled, elastic skin

another networks spread

skeleton of meaning, muscles of courage

freedom streaming in veins

and all underneath

your magic power that

move me & stop me

built me & break me

pump me & release me

broaden me & narrow me

breathe in me & exhale me

feed me & void me

with fishermen´s persistence

with faith in the absent but implicit